Empower Camp Board Members

Sarah Bachwitz, Founder & President


Empower Camp was founded in the depths of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. Sarah hiked 100km across the Gobi Desert without the comforts of home and realized that it is not the clothes she wears or her social media or anything else that defines her. What defines her is her inner power. Her inner power got her through those 9 days in the desert and her inner power will continue to allow her to chase her dreams and live boldly.

Sarah has 14 years of experience as a Camp Counselor. Sarah received her Bachelor’s of Arts in International Business from Ohio Northern University and has been working at HSBC since 2011 where she is currently a Senior Manager. Her career accomplishments include founding the HSBC US Young Professionals Association, completing the HSBC Group Graduate Leadership Program in the UK, and participating in the Leadership Buffalo Rising Leaders program. In 2017 she was a recipient of Buffalo Business First’s 30 under 30 award,  in 2018 she was recognized by New York State Women Inc. as “Woman of the Month” in WNY and most recently, in 2019, she was recognized by the Buffalo Niagara Partnership as a Spotlight Professional. 

Cecilia Lima, Vice President


Cecilia Lima is passionate about our cause and believes wholeheartedly in women reaching their full potential! Cecilia is fluent in Spanish and works at HSBC Bank. 

“With the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, the time is right to provide an environment that encourages young women to reach their full potential. The time is now for Empower Camp!”

Jim Bachwitz, Head of Marketing


Jim Bachwitz saw the Empower Camp idea emerge from countless Daughter-Father walks and talks. A lifelong advocate for women empowerment, Jim is the proud father of two strong, independent and fierce young women.

Jim has been Vice President at Adelman Research Group, a leading market research and insights company in WNY for over 20 years. Currently serving on the board of Empower Camp, Jim also is a board member and past-president of Just Buffalo Literary Center.

“Our only limitation in life is the doubt we create in our own mind. We all are capable of scaling the highest mountains and walking the most challenging paths as long as we continually push doubt out of our minds.”

Emma Hartman, Board Member


Emma Hartman has a fierce passion for camp life...eleven years as a camper and now three years as a counselor, she knows the ins and outs of camp! Emma is a registered nurse at Gates Vascular Institute. 

”I want to let young women know that beauty means so many different things and strong women is the new norm. When I was a young woman, I spent so much time thinking I was "less than" instead of celebrating my unique qualities! My hope is to help other young women skip the "less than" phase and get right to being proud of their differences.”

Katie Buscaglia, Secretary


Katie is extremely passionate about helping women succeed and thrive. She recently completed her first year as a camp counselor, and saw the power of listening and trusting your inner voice. From that experience, Katie strives to impart that knowledge of believing in one’s self to have the courage to stand up and share their thoughts and passion. Katie has several years of leadership experience at HSBC and American Eagle, where she takes the initiative on projects and continuously trains and develops her colleagues to have the knowledge and confidence needed to excel in their roles.

The Empower Camp Pillars