2020 Empower Camp


Empower Camp is all about having an incredibly good time while campers discover their true selves and ignite their inner power!

Designed for young women, ages 13-18, our program includes traditional camp activities with an Empower Camp twist to spark growth and personal transformation. Our camp is for young women who are interested in making new friends with other empowered women...because that’s kind of our thing! 

Empower Camp is a non-denominational camp program, open to all cultures, religions and backgrounds.

Need-based scholarships are available because we believe if a young woman wants to attend Empower Camp, she should have the opportunity to do so!


Empower Camp 2020

August 8-11, 2020

Camp Whitman on Seneca Lake

150 Whitman Rd., Penn Yan NY 14527

$320 per camper*

The camp fee includes three nights lodging in basic cabin accommodations, all meals and snacks prepared by our dedicated Kitchen Staff, camp supplies, program and activity fees, an Empower Camp t-shirt, craft supplies, an optional bus transport and all associated program fees. 


Bring a *NEW* Friend and both you and your friend take $10 off!

*Need-based scholarships available. Apply for a Camp Scholarship today.


Registration Process

Registration for Empower Camp 2020 is NOW OPEN! This year, we have made the process easier than ever! 

(1) Complete and return the Camper Registration Form and pay the full camp fee ($320 per camper*). 

You may register via our ONLINE EMPOWER CAMP REGISTRATION FORM or print a hard copy on our Register wegpage. 

(2) PRINT the Medical Report and have it completed by the participant’s primary care provider and returned to Empower Camp by July 1, 2020. Return to info@empcamp.com or to Empower Camp, PO Box 231, Buffalo, NY 14207. 

*Pay via cash, check to 'Empower Camp', Venmo or online via PayPal. If you require financial assistance, please complete the Scholarship Application.   

Your registration for camp will not be confirmed until both the Registration Form and the Medical Report is completed and returned 

AND the full camp fee is paid.

FAQs - Updated 4.30.20

Is Empower Camp happening this summer?

 At this time, we are still hopeful to have camp this August. While we can’t make any promises about this summer, we can promise you that we are exploring MANY options for a camp experience in 2020. 

We expect to make a decision about our August camp program on or before June 15. We are also exploring retreat options for the fall/winter as a Plan B in case camp this summer is not possible. Rest assured, we are exploring all options to bring our Camp Fam back TOGETHER as soon as possible with the safety and health of our Camp Fam being top of mind! 

What is Empower Camp’s refund policy?

As a reminder, all camp fees are fully refundable until June 15. In the event you need to cancel your registration after this point due to illness or circumstances related to Covid-19, you will receive a full refund. If Empower Camp makes the decision to cancel camp, you will receive a full refund or you may choose to have us hold your payment for the 2021 camping season or make a tax-deductible contribution to Empower Camp. Your choice. 

How will policies and procedures change this summer?

We are working to continuously update and align our policies and procedures to the decisions made by our federal, state and local health officials. You can expect that there will be changes to our health screening process before arriving and upon arriving at camp as well as changes to increased cleaning and sanitation at camp.  

When is camp paperwork due?

 The paperwork deadline has been extended to July 1. We will continue to monitor developments and make changes as needed. For an specific paperwork questions, please email us at info@empcamp.com or call us at 716-906-2995. 

How is Empower Camp staying informed on industry best practices?

 We are actively engaged with the Upstate NY Chapter of the American Camp Association (ACA) to stay connected with camp professionals across the state. Most camps have not yet made a decision about camp this summer. The ACA is working directly with the CDC (Centers for Disease Controls and Prevention) and expects to publish guidance for overnight camps in the next 6-8 weeks. 

How is Empower Camp training staff in this environment?

  We have made significant changes to our staff training strategy to allow us to deliver critical content in a safe, virtual environment to ensure we continue to provide a superior camping experience for our campers. We will also be arriving at camp a day early to ensure our volunteer staff have the on-site training they need to provide a safe camping experience for our campers.  

Are Camp Scholarships available in 2020?

 Empower Camp believes that if a young woman wants to attend Empower Camp, she should have the opportunity to do so.  Through philanthropy, even in this difficult time, we are focused on fundraising to provide financial assistance for need-based scholarships to all campers in need.  

Camp whitman


Welcome to Camp Whitman!

Located on the west side of Seneca Lake between Geneva and Watkins Glen, right off of Route 14, this beautiful 117 acre property features private lake frontage, woods, ravines, meadows, a pond, and playing fields.  The facilities are simple and rustic.

Empower Camp will be renting this stunning premier lakefront property for our 2020 summer camp program. 



Campers will be housed in simple cabins with solar powered electricity. Each cabin sleeps four people. Cabins will be grouped and each group will have two counselors and approximately eight gals. Cabins will be assigned based on age. 

Part of cabin life is cabin spirit! Each cabin group will be assigned a team name, team color and a part of the Empower Camp Chant! Historically, our campers have built deep relationships with their cabin groups throughout the experience, essentially becoming family! 

Campers will have access to a shared bathhouse.



Overlooking Seneca Lake, we will eat together in the Dining Hall where delicious food is aplenty. Nutritious and delicious - each main course will leave your belly full and happy.

Our cooking staff does an incredible job of providing options to meet the dietary preferences and needs of each camper. With a rating of 5 out of 5 stars on our camp surveys over the last two years, the food at Empower Camp has become an infamous part of camp! As one of our campers stated, "I love trying the delicious foods that was made for us!"

You will never go hungry at Empower Camp with mid-day snack deliveries, PB & J sandwiches available at every meal and as many second helpings as your heart desires.

Hydration will be top of mind and will be served with every snack, meal and available throughout each day. (H2O is the way to go!)



"Empower Camp was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I was wary about attending at first because I knew only one other girl that would be going, but once at camp I truly felt welcome. Everyone was very energetic and inclusive, and I found myself making new friends almost immediately. From the songs to the games to eating in the dining hall, I was always meeting new people and making memories. One of my fondest memories of Empower Camp was our final campfire. Everyone was singing and dancing with eachother and it was astounding to see how fast we all had bonded. By the end of camp we all knew each other by name and felt comfortable confiding in eachother. There is truly no other experience like that of Empower Camp, and I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to attend." 

- Marcianna


"My experience at Empower Camp was amazing. 

The atmosphere of the camp itself, meeting new people, the singing and dancing, the empower talk, stories from the volunteers was just an amazing opportunity. I felt like I belonged there with everyone. While doing the puzzle challenge we thought one group had all of the missing pieces but it turned out that the other remains group had the other pieces. We came together and we completed it together. Together we are stronger. I’ve learned that women tend to compete with each, instead of coming together as one to support each other. But at Empcamp we were united. Nothing is impossible until you try hard and have people around you that will motivate you to accomplish your goals. While leaving camp I felt like a piece of me was still there at camp and I really wanted to stay a little longer to be with everyone." 

- Fato


"One thing I've always struggled with is self confidence - the confidence that I'm smart, I'm beautiful, I'm important, I'm worthy, I'm strong, I'm enough. I never believed any of this until I went to Empower camp. Empower Camp helped me realize a lot about myself and the people around me. In two short days I learned that we are all unique and should embrace who we are. More importantly we are all smart, beautiful, important, worthy, strong, enough. I also learned that we all have a voice and that our voices matter. We should never be afraid to speak up. All it takes is a little bit of confidence to have a different outlook on who we are and what we are capable of. Empower camp taught me to embrace who I am and to love myself. For this I am very thankful for Empower camp and I strongly suggest anyone who is interested in the camp should go as it could be a life changing experience or a real eye-opener." 

- Lexie


"Empower Camp was one of the best weekends of my life. It was a weekend away from stress and full of new friends, fun experiences, and powerful life lessons. I learned that I have control in my life and that I am ready for the challenges that may come up in my life. We've all got that power in our souls!" 

- Hannah


  “Empower Camp meant a lot to me because normally kids aren’t the nicest to me. When I went to this camp, it made me feel welcomed and it made me feel like I had another place to be my true self. I learned that no one judges or leaves you out of anything. It was nice to make some true friends that I can trust and talk to anytime. The camp counselors are like moms and it made me feel very safe and welcomed. I can’t put it in any better way than I loved this camp. They are like another family and I will come again! Thank you so much for great memories, amazing friends and a new home away from home.”

- Isis 

The Empower Camp Program

What is Empower Camp?

The “Magic” of Empower Camp

The “Magic” of Empower Camp


Empower Camp exists to ignite the inner power of young women (ages 13-18). Our vision is to create a world where young women radiate strength, have the courage to speak up and are empowered to create the life they want to lead.

Empower Camp launched with an eruption of energy and success in Summer 2018 with our inaugural camp at Camp Duffield in Delevan, NY. With 27 campers and 28 volunteer staff, there was never a dull moment. Our 27 campers attended from 16 different schools and well, we’ll let them tell you what Empower Camp meant to them (check out our camper testimonials!). 

Half of our campers attended camp on scholarship because we wholeheartedly believe that if a young woman wants to attend camp, she should have the opportunity to do so! In 2018, our scholarship fund was available because Empower Camp won FIRST PLACE at the United Way of Buffalo and Erie County’s Pitch 10 Event. In 2019, we are asking the community for help to re-fill this scholarship fund. Sponsor a camper or donate today to give the gift of camp to young women in our community. 

Empower Camp is all about having an incredibly good time while campers discover their true selves. Our camp agenda is designed with young women in mind! The program includes traditional camp experiences including hiking, creek walks and games with an Empower Camp twist! Read on for more details. 

Nervous about coming to Camp or trying something new? That’s okay - We specialize in making you comfortable outside your comfort zone!

The “Magic” of Empower Camp

The “Magic” of Empower Camp

The “Magic” of Empower Camp


…#TeamChallenges are customized life-sized puzzles and obstacle courses designed to promote openness and trust, encourage self-reflection, and well, we‘re sure you’ll be cheering LET’S GO TEAM in no time!

…#PowerZones provide you the opportunity to discover your strengths: Self defense (ka pow!), Yoga (it's a mind-body-spirit thing!) or Fashion (go forth and be fabulous!) are just a few examples.

...#RealChats is a time for campers to create “your best you!”. These are small group discussions on topics such as self-talk, self-doubt, facing your fears, self-care, building healthy habits and setting and achieving goals.

…Our #campfire is an uplifting experience including music, s’mores (of course) and personal stories of Empowerment...because creating a network of support with other empowered women is kind of our thing!

Why Empower Camp?

Benefits of Empower Camp

Benefits of Empower Camp


Leading an empowered life will take confidence, strength, self-assuredness, and a little bit of goofiness for good measure (trust us, camp hath no boundary for being goofy). 

Our aim is to create a life-impacting experience, as you’ll create friendships with girls you can relate to and you’ll learn tools to help you navigate challenges that you will face in the future. 

Our program allows you to step away from day-to-day digital distractions and life pressures, to gain confidence, to create meaningful friendships, and to discover your strengths...plus Empower Camp is a ridiculously good time!

Benefits of Empower Camp

Benefits of Empower Camp

Benefits of Empower Camp


You will...

  • Challenge yourself in a supportive and safe environment
  • Spend time in the great outdoors (Did you know that spending time in nature is great for boosting energy, improving your immune system, enhancing creativity AND helps us better connect with ourselves and others? So cool!)
  • Self-discover through dynamic and customized activities
  • Make new friends who you can relate to and seek support from (both now and in the future).
  • Create a plan for achieving your goals
  • And ultimately, IGNITE YOUR INNER POWER!

Daily Schedule


We will begin our day at 8:30am and lights out will be at 11pm. Here’s the typical schedule of a day at Empower Camp:

8:30am - Breakfast 

9:30am - #RealChat

10:30am - #PowerZones

12:30pm - Lunch 

1:30pm - L.O.B (aka Laying On Bunk aka Rest time)

2:30pm - All Camp Activity 

5:30pm - Dinner

6:30pm - #TeamChallenges

9:00pm - #CampFire

11:00pm - Lights Out 



Directions to Camp Whitman

Directions to Camp Whitman

Campers can be dropped off at Camp Whitman by a parent or guardian OR take advantage of our busing option! 

There is no additional fee to ride the bus to camp. 

Pick up and drop off locations for 2020:

1. Hutch Tech High School parking lot (256 S Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY). 

2. Transit Road Thruway Park & Ride (6650 Transit Road, Buffalo NY 14221).


Directions to Camp Whitman

Directions to Camp Whitman

Directions to Camp Whitman

Google Maps will recognize Camp Whitman on Seneca Lake as a location. 

Street Address: 

150 Whitman Road, Penn Yan NY 14527

Directions from Buffalo: 

  • 90 East towards Albany.
  • Take Exit 42 toward NY-14/Geneva/Lyons.
  • Turn right onto NY-14 South and drive for 5.7 miles. 
  • Navigate through Geneva: (1) Turn right onto N Rte 14/Seneca Street and then (2) Turn Left onto South Main Street. 
  • Stay on Main Street for 16 miles.
  • Turn Left onto E Leach Rd.
  • In a half mile, turn right onto Whitman Road. 


Camp Packing List

Directions to Camp Whitman

Camp Packing List

Sleep items

  • Sleeping bag (or blankets)
  • Extra Blanket for cold night!
  • Pillow 
  • Twin Sheet (for mattress)

Clothing – check the weather report!

  •  T-Shirts / Sweatshirts
  • Pair of Shorts
  • Pair of Jeans/ Pair of Sweatpants 
  • Socks 
  • Undergarments
  • Bathing Suit
  • Pajamas
  • Indoor shoes (slippers)


  •  Sunglasses
  • Rain coat
  • Hat
  • Sneakers/boots  
  • Water Shoes   


  • Flip flops
  • Toiletry Bucket or Bag
  • Toothbrush / Toothpaste
  • Hairbrush / Hair ties
  • Face soap / Body Soap
  • Shampoo / Conditioner
  • Face towel / Shower towel
  • Deodorant / Powder


  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Flashlight (with extra batteries)
  • Medications
  • Beach Towel
  • Day backpack

2020 Camp Scholarships


Need-Based Scholarships

Empower Camp believes that if a young woman wants to attend camp, she should have the opportunity to do so regardless of her family’s financial situation. With the support of generous donors, the Empower Camp Scholarship Fund exists to provide a limited amount of partial, need-based scholarships. 

To receive financial assistance, complete the Scholarship Application by clicking the button below.  The total camp fee is $320 per camper. When deciding how much to ask for in scholarship, we ask that you use the honor system. Scholarships are limited and we want as many young women to experience Empower Camp as possible. Your careful consideration of how much you request in scholarship is appreciated.   

Your request will be reviewed by assessing individual need and merit of each applicant and scholarships will be awarded on a case by case basis. Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered.  Application deadline is May 31, 2020.