2020 VOLUNTEER STAFF - Application window now closed


Thank you for your interest in joining our volunteer team, the window to apply to volunteer for our 2020 Summer Programs has now closed. 

We are always seeking motivated and enthusiastic volunteers to GET INVOLVED with Empower Camp in other ways and infuse some of that Empower Camp POWER into your soul. Learn more by clicking the button below. We hope to meet you soon!

Staff Testimonials


“I've been going to summer camp for 13 years, but Empower Camp was unlike any camp I've done before. After an hour of camp starting, I already felt like we had been together for a week. 

From the puzzles, to yoga, to the creek walk, I was pleasantly surprised to see girls stepping out of their boundaries. I loved watching the girls open up and grow in the 3 days they were with us. 

It was hard when camp was over but 

I look forward to many camps to come!”

- Cate, AKA ‘Jelly’


“As a newbie to Buffalo, I was thrilled that my colleague thought to invite me to be a part of Empower Camp. While I did not have previous experience with working with young girls, and never gone camping, I was willing and ready to learn!

Throughout the camp, I observed what it means to be a young girl in today's world. I was delighted that we did not need to dig deep to prove to these girls that they were powerful.  The moments at the camp fires crystallized friendships and everyone's inner power burned bright like the camp fire.

My overall experience at Empower Camp has enthralling! From new games, great food (s/o Mrs. Pam), friendships, songs, and the creek walk, it was all worth it because the experience showed me what it looks to be in service to others and be the voice of encouragement. I saw that the girls truly appreciated what the camp wanted to do for them and they fully leaned into the experience.”

- Kerry 


“Being a camp counselor at Empower Camp was such a rewarding experience. Seeing our program implemented and watching the campers enjoying the activities we worked so hard to create was awesome! 

As the weekend progressed, it was incredible to see these young women transform from shy strangers to an outgoing group of friends through the magic of our Empower Camp experience. Getting to know and work with other empowered women was one of my favorite things about Empower Camp. These incredible women bring me so much strength and fellowship. 

It was a privilege to work with this group of young women, and I am looking forward to many more summers with Empower Camp!”

- Cecilia

“Being a camp counselor is such a blessing in disguise. I am at camp to support young women and their empowerment journey, however, it was the campers who taught me something. 

They taught me another way of looking at empowerment. For a while, I used SELF empowerment as my tool because that’s all I had. Being with this group of young ladies and women truly outlined the POWER of empowering EACH OTHER, as females! 

I love Empower Camp and can’t wait for this year! Especially with new campgrounds, there is going to be so much bonding! 

I can’t wait!”


Camp Roles & Responsibilities


Camp Counselor

Have a life-changing experience while inspiring young women! Our Camp Counselors are responsible for the overall supervision, general safety and development, growth, and skill achievement of the campers in her group. A rewarding experience, our Camp Counselors shape the camp experience for our campers. 

Support Staff

 Support staff will carry out duties as delegated by the Camp Director and is the glue that holds our camp program together! A catch-all for ensuring a smooth program, our program staff can expect to "float" at camp to help with tasks such as activity set-up and clean-up, snack and water deliveries, and other ad hoc on-site errands that pop up at camp.

Kitchen Staff

The kitchen staff is responsible for supporting the Food Manager in all meal preparing, serving food and cleaning up and ensuring safe food preparation, storage and disposal in accordance with accepted food handling practices and food safety regulations. 

Health Director (Camp Nurse)

The Health Director is responsible for supervising health and sanitation at camp to ensure all camp occupants health needs are addressed and monitored. 

The Camp Health Director may be a physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, registered nurse, licensed practical nurse or emergency medical technician. The Health Director must be on-site at all times. 

The Camp Health Director must be certified in Responding to Emergencies First Aid (RTE) and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation for the Professional Rescuer (CPR Pro). Both the RTE and CPR Pro certifications must be renewed annually.  

A stipend is offered for the Nurse role.


Our lifeguard will ensure a safe environment at the pool and lake. Copies of Lifeguarding, First Aid, CPR, AED and waterfront lifeguarding certifications required. 


Capture the energy and magic of Empower Camp by volunteering as a Camp Photographer! 

Trek Staff

Volunteer to be a staff member at Empower Trek. Trek Staffers must have experience in leading outdoor group hikes in remote areas.   

It takes a village...


Volunteer Commitment

Our volunteers are the cornerstone to everything we do. The reason our team has historically been so successful is the commitment made by each staff member to lean into this experience and fully participate as a member of the Empower Camp community. The energy, enthusiasm and passion of our team (while we may be biased) is truly unmatched which is why we are the most empowered team of women who empower women in Buffalo.

Spots are limited to volunteer at camp and are filled quickly! The window to apply to our Volunteer Summer Staff is typically open December to March each year. We ask that interested applicants only apply if you can meet the full commitment required to provide an excellent Empower Camp experience for our campers.

As an Empower Camp volunteer staff member, you commit to...

• Be a professional, respectful and active member of the Empower Camp community

• Attend mandatory Staff Training (Friday to Sunday) 

• Attend Empower Camp in its entirety from start to finish

• Complete and return the required Registration Paperwork, including a Physical from your doctor with immunization records

• If applying for Empower Trek, you commit to attending Trek Staff Training and attend Trek in its entirety