Custom Programming


Empower Camp Custom Programming

 Our custom programming option infuses a bit of Empower Camp "magic" into everyday life! While we can't bring everyone to camp every single day of the year, we CAN bring Empower Camp to you. Empowerment is part of an ongoing personal journey for women of all ages and this option allows maximum flexibility for a big impact.

Here's How it works:

  • Share your group objectives and we will design the program specifically for your needs! 
  • We can support groups up to 150 participants.
  • Our programs can range anywhere from 10 minutes to a full day and overnight/weekend programs.
  • Program price quote available upon request.  

Examples of activities that can be built into the program include…

  • Icebreakers that make an IMPACT: Our ice breakers inspire conversation, build new connections, break down barriers, encourage participants to get outside their comfort zone and are a whole lot of FUN!
  • Team Challenges: Our team challenges include life-sized puzzles, obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, goofy games and more to instill leadership, trust and teamwork.  You’ll be cheering “Let’s go team!” in no time. 
  • Real Chats: Want to dig a bit deeper? We build small-group interactive discussion sessions focused on specific topics. Examples include self-confidence, self-respect and self-talk. 
  • Power Zones: We all empower ourselves in different ways. These sessions are designed to expose participants to different ways of empowerment. Options include vision boards, guided journaling exercises, group hiking, and more. 

Empower Camp facilitated Buffalo Seminary’s new student program in 2017 and has led custom programs for Girl Scout Troops and adult corporate events.

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